Just off the coastline of West Maui is a sweeping region filled with sea life called Turtle Reef. Easily accessible from our boats, divers are submerged in a world teeming with aquatic animals. Frog fish, white tip reef sharks, nudibranchs and the majestic Green Sea Turtle are all common occurrences on this dive along with a host of fish and other unique creatures. From sunken piers to coral gardens, this dive is a delight for anyone who loves marine life.  As the depth range of this charter is 30-35 FSW, it is the only Lahaina Divers charter appropriate for the 10 and 11 year old junior divers or anyone with a 40 FSW depth limitation as well.
This charter is availble on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, checking in at 12:30pm and returning around 4:30pm. 
$149 per diver.  Multiple day discount available.
Fourteen miles plus, along the West Maui coastline, between Ma'alaea and Honolua Bay, is an area known as Turtle Reef. Once home to thriving coastal fishing communities, including the onetime capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom in the early nineteenth century, this area is densely populated with sea life. The many fringing and finger coral reefs, coves and bays that dot the area make it an ideal location for innumerable Green Sea turtle cleaning stations. Though not unique to Maui, the Green Sea turtle is the only indigenous reptile to Hawaii. Known as Honu, they represent the navigator and the eternal link between man, the land and the sea in Hawaiian Mythology. Other commonly seen species on this trip include the endemic Hawaiian day octopus(tako), milletseed butterfly fish(Lau wili-wili), Saddleback wrasse(Hinetea) and the Hawaiian cleaner Wrasse. Its wide diversity of sea life make the coast line ideal for snorkelers, divers, fishing and freediving alike.

Turtle Reef afternoon charters include:

  • Tanks and weights
  • Guided dive tour
  • Fruit plate and veggies with dip plus cold filtered water.
  • Chocolate chip cookies on the ride back to Lahaina Harbor

Not included in the charter fare:

  • Scuba gear. (Available for rent)  Aqualung Core regulator with Aqualung i300 dive computer @ $14.  Aqualung Pro HD weight integrated BCD @ $9.  2 Piece wetsuit @ $9.  Snorkel set @ $9.
  • Taxes and fees of 10.1666%
  • Safety sausages (SMB) on advanced drift dives (Available for purchase)

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