Our advanced and most adventurous dive crosses the temperamental Paiolo channel for a glimpse of the elusive and beautiful hammer head shark. Off the island of Molokai is one of the few sites on the planet where one can commonly witness these sharks swimming among dense populations of fish. A blue water drift, divers are occasionally delighted by other species of sharks and oceanic creatures on this once in a lifetime trip. For the best possible chance to see sharks while in Maui, this is your dive.  Hammerhead charter requires the use of a dive computer and safety sausage (SMB). 
This charter available on Tuesday and Friday checking in at 6:45am and returning about 12:30pm. 
$219 per diver.  Multiple day discounts available.
Certain restrictions and qualifications apply. Please contact our shop for further information
North of Lanai is the fifth largest island in the Hawaiian chain, the island of Molokai. This island, often called the “friendly island”, holds the highest sea cliffs in the world and boasts the longest fringing reef in the Hawaiian Islands, running for 25 miles along the South shore. Separating Maui from Molokai is a narrow channel called the Pailolo. Just under nine miles wide at its shortest, Pailolo means “crazy fisherman” and refers to the channel’s status as the roughest in Hawaii and the often difficult surface conditions that can be found there.
Molokai boasts many beautiful and unique dive sights which is why Lahaina Divers travels to the island to search for Scalloped Hammer Head sharks. Also called Bronze, Kidney Headed or Southern Hammerheads these are the most common type of the species and are often found in large groups. Schools, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, make it easier for the sharks to obtain food and larger prey. Though aggressive hunters of fish, octopus and even smaller species of sharks, Hammer Heads are not considered dangerous and are normally not aggressive towards humans.
Though the Hammer Heads are the main attraction, many other kinds of rare and interesting sea life has been spotted on our Molokai charters over the years including Tiger sharks, Oceanic Black Tip sharks and even Thrasher sharks. The dives off of Molokai are also home to unicorn fish, pyramid butterfly fish, yellow tangs, long nose butterfly fish, and even rare tinker butterfly fish as well as a host of other sea life. This dive is for the physically fit, experienced diver who is in good health only. Please contact our shop directly at 1-800-998-3483 for requirements and availability before booking.

DiveFlagAndBoatAll morning charters include:

  • Tanks and weights
  • Guided dive tour
  • Light breakfast (coffee, teas, hot chocolate and muffins)
  • Deli lunch between dives (deli sandwiches, Maui potato chips, fruit plate and cold filtered water)
  • Chocolate chip cookies on the ride back to Lahaina Harbor
  • Gluten free and vegetarian options available with advance notice.

Not included in the charter fare:

  • Scuba gear. (Available for rent)  Aqualung Core regulator with Aqualung i300 dive computer @ $14.  Aqualung Pro HD weight integrated BCD @ $9.  2 Piece wetsuit @ $9.  Snorkel set @ $9.
  • Taxes and fees of 10.1666%
  • Safety sausages (SMB) on advanced drift dives (Available for purchase)
  • Nitrox available @ $19.50 per bottle.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of departure are non-refundable

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