Depth: 50’


Twin 40 foot pinnacles (one of which breaks the surface) with a sand channel in between.  Around the base of the rock is nice coral and rubble field, common area to find octopus, moray eels and crabs.  This site is teeming with many species, one of which is the all black rare longnose butterfly fish.  Many ledges and small areas to take notice of when circumnavigating Fish Rock.  Small swim-through on Lanai side (off the edge of the ridge) large green lobe corals on the inside of Fish Rock. Several large Elkhorn corals around the Rock.  Many types of schooling fish, stare into the deep water on the seaward side and try to spot pelagic creatures.  Check for lobster, pufferfish, eels and squirrel fish in the ledges.

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