Depth:  60’ – 65’


First Cathedrals is a large cavern about 100 feet long, with the floor at 50’-55’ deep and a ceiling overhead varied from 3’ to 20’ high.  It has many small openings to filter sunlight through, thus the comparison to stained-glass windows.  Begin the dive descending down a 30 foot wall directly under the boat, then enter cathedral to explore all the ledges (be sure to bring a small light if you like to look in the crevasses. Often the large rock near the exit is lite up by a strong light beam from above, giving it the look of an altar.  Divers exit on the left side of the Cathedral through a round opening referred to as the shotgun.  Be careful of surge and pay attention to your dive guide by going with the surge, not against it.  The cavern is a small part of an expansive dive site; it ranges from one of the largest archways on the Sweetheart Rock (west) end to a wonderful pinnacle on the Maui side.  Sharks, octopus, eels, schooling blue-striped snapper, schooling raccoon butterfly fish and plentiful Sargent Majors inhabit the extensive coral reef surrounding the cavern.

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