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Welcome back Lahaina Divers dive buddies! Well, we are soon heading into Humpback whale season here in Maui and with our first sighting recently off Kona on the Big Island, it means we will be seeing some of our beloved Humpback Whales off the coast of Maui and our surrounding islands. Ok, show of hands, how many people like seeing our big visitors here in Maui... Wow, a lot of you do! As we head into whale season, I will see if I can conjure up some photos of this year's sightings and post them here or on our Facebook page.

Speaking of sightings, recently on a dive at our favorite afternoon dive spot, Mala Wharf, our divers were treated to some dolphins coming in and checking us out. One of our guests shared their video of the dolphins on our Facebook page so be sure and go check it out. For those of you that haven't been there Mala is a collapsed concrete pier thanks to hurricane Iniki in 1992 and has since become a haven for tons of critters. Even though the dive site is only a few hundred feet long, divers and snorkelers alike can spend hours spotting things both big and small. A few White Tip Reef Sharks have taken up residence there and can be found sleeping in various spots under the structure while Green Sea Turtles are hovering overhead. For the more patient of divers, small and hard to spot critters such as Imperial Nudibranchs and Frog fish can be found. Mala Wharf with its small cracks and crevices also serves as a great spot to find Moray Eels, Octopus (Tako), Slipper Lobsters, and Sponge Crabs. One thing to keep in mind though with Mala, is that it is a collapsed concrete structure so there is exposed rebar and other sharp and pointy things on the dive site, so as the captain says in his site briefing, “If it looks sharp and pointy, it is, so be careful as you dive the site.”

For those wanting to dive a little deeper we have had some epic dives at Molokini both in the crater and on the backwall. There have been some dives inside the crater that I have led on Saturday mornings where I needed a few more arms and hands just to point out all of the critters. With visibility as good as 250' at times, and even on the 'bad' days visibility being as 'horrid' as 150' in the crater, you can't go wrong at Molokini or any of our other dive sites such as Lanai or West Maui and Turtle Reef.

Ok, I hinted at this in my earlier blog post... For those of you that have been lucky enough to have Captain Elliot welcome you aboard, you may remember that he is OCD about cell phones ringing, and that at the time, there was not an "app for that." Well, I am happy to report that there is NOW an "app for that!" Lahaina Divers now carries the iGills dive computer housing for your iPhone 3 and 4. So for those of you that camped out for your new iPhone 5, don't toss out your old phone. The iGills is an underwater housing with the depth and temperature sensor as well as a 5 button interface built into the cover and a special flat dome lens on the back. And best of all, the iGills app is FREE!!! Lahaina Divers is selling the iGills for the same price you can get them on the mainland.

Ok Mikol, so it sounds cool, but really, what does it do? It is a full recreational dive computer that works in air, nitrox, or gauge mode, but it also allows you to take photos or video while still showing you the key diving information such as depth and NDL bottom time remaining. But wait, that's not all... it also allows you to use the iPhone's compass and for those that have the iPhone 4, the compass works at any angle. If you want to know more, check it out at Ok, sounds cool and all, but what if the unthinkable happens and it floods? Diver's Alert Network (DAN) will insure it for $99 per year. (Cost to cover a 16Gb iPhone 4s and the housing) To find out more, ask at the shop when you buy your iGills.

Well, I have to run and get my dive bag packed so I can go diving tomorrow. A big huge thank you to our guests for making LD a great place to work, and more importantly for being there to 'take me diving.' Until next time, A Hui Hou (Till we meet again!)

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