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Lahaina Divers Staff Page

Greg Howeth Greg Howeth

Staff Description: Owner / Boat Captain / PADI Instructor
Specialty Certifications: Boat Diver / Deep Diver / Equipment Specialist / Multi-Level Diver / Night Diver / Search & Recovery / U/W Naturalist / U/W Navigator / U/W Photography / Wreck Diver
Summary:   Owner   Greg is originally from Sumpter, South Carolina. He was certified in 1987 in Honolulu, Hawaii at the University of Hawaii. He moved to Maui in 1991, as a temporary stop, planning to go to the U.S. Virgin Islands to teach SCUBA. He started work at Lahaina Divers as an instructor, and instead worked his way up to management. He then, co-purchased the business in early 2000 with Akiyo Murata, his business partner. 

Akiyo Murata --- Retired Akiyo Murata --- Retired

Staff Description: Master Instructor / PADI Instructor
Specialty Certifications: Peak Performance Buoyancy / Boat Diver / Deep Diver / Night Diver / U/W Navigator / U/W Photography / EFR / Hawaiian Diver / Handicap Scuba Diver Buddy
Summary:   Owner -- Retired --   Akiyo is originally from Tokyo, Japan. She first became interested in scuba diving after a snorkeling trip. She was certified shortly after in 1982. She moved to Maui in 1986 and started work at Lahaina Divers as an instructor. She had worked her way up to management by 1993, and then co-purchased the business in early 2000 with Greg Howeth, her business partner. Her favorite part of the job is seeing happy customers/divers after their experience with Lahaina Divers.  

Tim  General Manager Tim General Manager

Staff Description: Master Scuba Diver Trainer / PADI Instructor / Retail Staff / Repair Technician
Specialty Certifications: EANX / Gas Blender / Drift Diver / DAN O2 Provider / Boat Diver / Deep Diver / Equipment Specialist / Multi-Level Diver / Night Diver / U/W Naturalist / U/W Navigator / U/W Photography / EFR / Hawaiian Eco-Naturalist / O2 First Aid / Handicap Scuba Diver Buddy
Summary:   General Manager   Tim was born in Ohio, but raised in Arizona. He started into the sporting industry first as a ski instructor. It wasn’t until on vacation that he was looking for a beach related hobby that he discovered scuba diving. He was first certified in 1987 through Club Med, and then certified through PADI in 1991-92. He became an instructor in 1998 in preparation for his move to Maui in early 1999. He started work at Lahaina Divers in April of 1999. His favorite part of the job is the teaching, though he doesn’t get to do it as often as he would like. 

Captain Elliott  Operation Manager Captain Elliott Operation Manager

Staff Description: Boat Captain / PADI Instructor
Specialty Certifications: EANX / Handicap Scuba Diver Buddy
Summary:      Captain Elliott Gardner has always been an island boy. Growing up in Mercer Island just outside of Seattle, WA, he spend many summers in the San Juan Islands. Elliott moved to Maui in 2002, having visited just once on vacation and immediately fell in love with Maui. Elliott started as a scuba instructor for Lahaina Divers in 2004, and stared captaining full time in 2007. When Elliott is not driving the boat, you can find him riding his motorcycle, diving, relaxing on the beach, or off on some adventure around the island.  

Laura Scott  Course Director Laura Scott Course Director

Staff Description: PADI Course Director / PADI Instructor
Summary: After years of teaching high school and college science in Northern California, Laura and her husband moved to Hawaii in 1974. All it took was one look underwater and Laura was hooked. While participating in Whale research for three years, she realized that she wanted to learn how to dive. While obtaining her certifications, her Course Director Mike T. provided further inspiration to continue on with her training and become a dive professional full time. Since then, Laura has reached the highest level of dive instruction as a PADI Course Director. As well, Laura is our Handicap Scuba Association instructor along with many other specialties. Laura’s favorite dive sites in Maui are Barge Harbor and the Cathedrals. While diving Maui’s warm waters with the incredible topology covered in critters, she has great diving memories of seeing turtles everywhere and Hammerhead sharks at Molokai. She has an especially fond memory of Dolphins at Old Airport Beach while leading a group of young students on their first dive after completing their certification with her earlier that day. Throughout her dive career, Laura has always enjoyed being a dive professional sharing Maui’s underwater wonders with divers from all around the world, including handicapped divers as well as teaching at all levels of diver training.

Ron Ron

Staff Description: Master Scuba Diver Trainer / PADI Instructor / IANTD Instructor / Repair Technician
Specialty Certifications: EANX / Gas Blender / Peak Performance Buoyancy / Project AWARE / Coral Reef Conservation / Boat Diver / Equipment Specialist / U/W Naturalist / U/W Navigator
Summary: Ron Redwell became a dive instructor in 1974 in Los Angeles, California. At that time, Southern California was the birth place of Recreational Scuba Diving and the scuba diving certification agencies: PADI and NAUI. “I became a dive instructor by accident. I was in a high stress occupation as a printer and started scuba diving to relieve job stress. In scuba diving, I found a new and exciting world and great people to share this underwater world with. Even after diving for 30 years, I still have not found any two dives to be the same. I started teaching diving to give back some of what was given to me. I found I really loved sharing the awe of the underwater world with people who have never been scuba diving before. I get to re-live the excitement, adventure, and discovery of diving with each diver I teach. I see what I do as giving good memories that will last each diver a lifetime.”

Levi Levi

Staff Description: PADI Instructor / Retail Staff
Summary: Born and raised in the heart of Montana, Levi decided to come to Maui to try this thing called "scuba". So far it's going pretty well.

Josie Josie

Staff Description: PADI Instructor / Retail Staff
Summary: Originally from southern california, Josie grew up in the water. After working in a dive company in california and diving the channel islands, she realized that diving would be a lot more enjoyable by adding some warmth. After travelling extensively, Josie moved to Maui to dive and surf, and does plenty of both! If she's not under the water, she's in it and loving every minute.

Mikol Mikol

Staff Description: Divemaster
Specialty Certifications: Handicap Scuba Diver Buddy
Summary: After many years of spending all of his vacations in Maui doing 4 tank dives every day with Lahaina Divers, Mikol and his family moved to the Valley Isle from the wine country in Northern California. Mikol now helps out part-time as a Divemaster and enjoys sharing his love for diving in Maui with our guests that 'take him diving'.

Joe Joe

Staff Description: PADI Instructor / Retail Staff / Divemaster
Specialty Certifications: Drysuit Diver / Equipment Specialist / Night Diver / EFR
Summary: My diving started during a simple fun spring break visit to South Beach in Miami.  I like to tell new divers who probably feel the same as I did at the time, that’s all I wanted to do, just try diving.  I had no idea what opportunties and adventures opening the doors to scuba would bring to me.  Everywhere I would travel I would need to see whats under the waters where I'd go, and in turn would find the new experiences and friendships with the people I'd meet just as interesting!  After a lasting impression from diving Maui 10 years ago, combined with the satisfaction of working with new divers as a new pro with my local dive store in Michigan, I found my future in diving easy to see.  Moving to Maui and joining Lahaina Divers in 2012 has been the most fulfilling step in my adventure!  I love the feeling that world class diving is my backyard, and to know and share every pinnacle and puka, fish and creatures with divers daily is my job.  It's my passion and I hope it makes an impact on all my new friends I dive with.

Nate Nate

Staff Description: Retail Staff / Dive Receptionist
Specialty Certifications: EFR / Handicap Scuba Diver Buddy
Summary: Nate came to Maui in 2012 from Southern California and previous to that, Nevada. He got a little tired of all the snow and desert and decided to follow the rest of the family and moved to Maui. Nate says that getting certified and being under water is the most amazing and relaxing thing. He loved it so much for the first year that he was here he dove 4 times a day, every day. Nate loves working in the shop and especially enjoys going out and having a great time with the guests on the boat. Night dives are Nate’s favorite and most of the time now when you find him diving it is on a night dive.

Julius Julius

Staff Description: Tank Team
Summary: Julius hails from here in Lahaina and despite living in Arizona for a short while, has returned to his home island to stay. Julius has worked in the construction, food, and automotive industries, and now enjoys his position here at Lahaina Divers doing what is arguably one of the most important jobs. Julius ensures everyone has full tanks, the boats and customers have everything they need for a successful charter, and that everything in the background runs smoothly. When Julius is not pumping tanks, handling gear, or just keeping us in line, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as working on his street racer. When you see Julius, be sure to give him a big thank you for all of his hard work behind the scenes at Lahaina Divers. 


Staff Description: Accountant