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Handicapped Diver Training

With the arrival of Dominion and Dauntless begins a new era in Maui diving for handicapped scuba divers. Greg Howeth and Akiyo Murata, Lahaina Divers owners are committed to providing the highest level of service and diving experiences to all divers, those with disabilities as well as the able-bodied divers. Dominion is just the latest example of that commitment. Prior to Dominions’ arrival, the entire Lahaina Divers staff became certified as Handicapped Open Water Dive Buddies. The rigorous training sessions were conducted by Lahaina Divers IDC Course Director and HSA Instructor, Laura Scott. The training was held in a pool environment as well as in the open ocean. Each “Dive Buddy” had to simulate multiple handicap situations as the diver, and as the buddy. All came to have great appreciation for the effort involved and the satisfaction gained by those with disabilities choosing to become certified scuba divers.

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Paraplegic Diver Training

Handicap Diver Training
 handicap diver training

Visually Impaired Diver Training

Handicap Diver Training