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Asako Tsunashima on 2009-08-31 18:20:36
Incredible dives at Molokai and Molokini backwall! I saw a lot of hammerhead sharks and a large manta ray. I really enjoyed the experience thanks to John and Gwen!
I really appreciate all you have done for me. I look forward to dive with you next summer.
Simon Jordan on 2009-08-26 06:19:43
I have just finished a 7 day package and I must say I thought the service was excellent. I have dived all over the world and it is nice to find a shop so safe and professional with dive guides and captains who are really interested in the fish. So to Rebecca 12 turtles, Sharkey John, Frogfish Mike, Dan the coolest captain ever, Austrailian Elliot, Gwen, Shannon and all the rest thank you very much. I look forward to comming back.

Rob & Marian Griffiths on 2009-08-24 22:09:19
We had two great dives in Molokini Crater. Saw reef sharks, and one *large* manta ray right at the beginning of the dive. Captain Dan did a great job getting us there and back (and played some great rock-n-roll!), and our dive master (Gwen) knew just where to look for all the interesting wildlife.
rob ryan on 2009-08-23 21:18:36
Thanks for making our cert process and first dives unforgettable. Cheers!
Timothy & Summer McCoy on 2009-08-23 15:12:55
We had a great time with you guys. Thanks for all your help and the awesome dives!
Roy Stevens on 2009-08-20 13:39:20
I completed by check out dives for my open water certification last week at Lahaina Divers. The experience was fantastic. All of the instructors were wonderful and very knowledgable. The boats were fast and well equiped. Upon completion, I also took the Lanai trip to dive 1st Cathedral and Fish Rock and had John photograph me and the surroundings during the dive. The photographs were great and will adorn the wall in my office when I return home. I highly recommend Lahaina Divers for anyone visiting Maui. Thanks again.
Roy Stevens
jennifer frazier on 2009-08-17 22:50:49
Wow! freakin awesome! words cannot describe diving with, then snorkeling for 30 mintues, with 15 manta rays. they came so close i could have touched them. they just kept swimming with us! definitly one of my top 5 in life. Manta Mike, you rock! miss Shannon, you too! all the best to all of you who work so hard to see that we have a great experience. we love you man! jenna, jeff and terri from south texas
Max Rallon on 2009-08-17 20:36:56
I did the Lanai Dive and the Twilight/Night Dive with Lahaina Divers last week (Aug. 2009). Going in and out and around the 1st Cathedral in Lanai was a wonderful experience but the Twilight dive, with the hopes of seeing a manta ray, was breathtaking since I was very fortunate to experience swimming with roughly 15-18 rays in their cleaning station. I appreciated the fact that Lahaina Divers values observing marine life (especially the rays) naturally (no feeding). IT WAS PURELY AWESOME...I FELT LIKE I WAS IN A DISCOVERY CHANNEL EXPEDITION!
Thanks Capt. Jarrett for your knowledge and guidance. Lahaina Divers----HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Scott Roltsch on 2009-08-17 20:23:56
Had a couple of great dives. Enjoyed the boat, crew and the waters. Shannon was the perfect leader.
Deanna Carpinelli on 2009-08-17 16:50:47
Thanks to all of you this was the best boat dive crew we have ever worked with. You guys are awesome and we will use you every time we are in Maui
Tamara Lininger on 2009-08-17 11:34:44
We dove with you last week in Maui and had a wonderful time. The staff was so friendly and welcoming; from the person booking our dives to the crew on the boat. Mahalo!!
JoLynn Reddon on 2009-08-17 00:37:00
We did four dives while in Maui last week, two were with Lahaiana Divers. And I would HIGHLY recommend them in every way! Our guide and photographer was Mike (C3 Submerged Photography). I was extremely impressed with them,organized yet professional and fun! The crew was very educated and gave very detailed information from procedures, expectations and details on what we would see in the underwater world. We will be returning to Lahaiana Divers for our next Maui vacation!
Brian Sperry on 2009-08-17 00:25:32
Great dives! Went to Molokini and Lanai. Saw a few sharks at Molokini and eels. Had a great time at Lanai - Cathedrals I was amazing and Sergeant Majors was the best spot - saw two Giant Moray eels and swam into a cave with another White Tip Reef Shark. Couldn't have had a better experience with Capt. Steve and Jarrett.
Shawn Bianca on 2009-08-16 07:50:41
Lahaina Divers are excellent. Professional, fun, challenging dive sites - exactly what we were looking for while diving in Maui. Rebecca was a great guide - loved the dive briefing with the detailed information on all the fish and creatures we would see. Ron, Jason, and Tim were all very helpful in the shop. Especially appreciate Ron's post-dive Mai Tai recipe. Thanks again to everyone and we will come back to see y'all - hopefully soon!
Jeffrey Greenberg on 2009-08-15 18:48:40
I spent a week in Maui in August 2009. Went diving 3 days. Did 6 dives including turtle reef, Molokini, and Lanai. The dives were great. The service was tremendous. Everyone was helpful and friendly. I would strongly recommend Lahaiana Diver's to anyone wanting to dive in Maui!
Lara Burgarello on 2009-08-15 18:03:57
Great dive and great staff. The equipment was fantastic, we loved everythng about it.
Thanks so much!
Jim Dettman on 2009-08-05 21:27:52
Lahaina Divers surpassed my expectations in every way. It began when I called Ron, who spent nearly an hour with me, advising me on my options, the features of each dive location, and helping to plan my dive vacation. Captain Dan took a personal interest in making sure that I solved a few weight and bouyancy issues, enabling me to have 6 great dives (Tue 7/28 Turtle Reef, Wed 7/29 Molokini Back Wall, Fri 7/31 Lanai). Every single dive guide went way out of their way to make sure I had the best experience possible on each dive, and that I saw everything there was to see. And there was a lot to see! I wish I could remember all of the names, but I think I can safely say that you can count on anyone at Lahaina Divers to do all they can to make sure everyone has a great time. Thanks to everyone, especially those of you who worked with me directly, and see you next time!
Emmett Bratt on 2009-07-31 11:43:00
Planning a trip in 2010 and want to get in some diving while we are on island. Will have to review your dives and fit as many as possible into the schedule

GREAT web site !
Craig and Alana Wallace on 2009-07-27 16:10:51
Hi Jason and Chris and Shannon and all the gang,

Thanks very much again for arranging to come pick us up on Lanai last week and take us diving. You were caring, professional and fun just like a dive company should be! Still can't believe the lack of professionalism of **another operator**. When we were waiting at the small ship dock on Lanai for you guys, one of their employees came and asked if we were going with them. When my husband, Craig, told him we tried to contact them and didn't get a reply, the guy just said, "Oh well, that happens" and walked away. Seriously, you guys have it all over them in customer service! We will be recommending you highly and want to dive with you again the next time we are in the area. Thanks also to Chris who made sure there was extra gear in the boat in case our luggage (which didn't make it on our Island Air flight) hadn't arrived on the later flight. All was wonderful and the cookies were a bonus! Thanks again!
Kathie Rossitto on 2009-07-27 14:20:22
Lahina Divers - Thank you Ron for being so patient with my 13 year old while getting him certified. You are an example of the high quality dive instructors PADI certifies. Everyone should be so lucky to have a dive instructor as good as you!

Although I have 150+ dives logged, the dive on Mala Pier is one I have chalked up as "spectualar"! Thank you Lahaina Divers for sharing such a wonderful dive spot. I was "wowed" by it and throughly enjoyed and appreciated the utter beauty of that spot. What's really nice is the fact that it is so shallow even non-certified divers (Discovery Divers) can dive there and have the opportunity to experience the sheer beauty of diving. Diving Maui 21 years ago as a Discovery Diver is what got me to get certifed in the first place!

Everyone at Lahaiana Divers was very helpful and profesional. I was really impressed with your willingness and ability to accomodate wheelchair restricted folks. You run a great dive operation. We'll be sure to refer others to you and will dive with you the next time we vacation in Maui.
Tom Curtis on 2009-07-27 05:13:18
A big thanks to Rebecca (and her awesome knowledge of fishes), Chelsea, Dan, and Cap'n. Dan. You guys rock! I have fallen back in love with diving because you brought the beauty of Maui to me and my family. Take care and keep up the great work!!

Best wishes,

Tom Curtis
Craig Wallace on 2009-07-24 20:25:25
Hey Gang,

You guys were awesome. The dives werre nice and Shannon was an outstanding D/M.
Nice boat too. Wish we had had more time.

James Shukis on 2009-07-24 15:46:28
Just a quick note that our diving experience was limited when we arrived on July 8th, however we felt that your outfit was amazingly professional, safe, educational and experienced. We ended up diving 6 times over the 7 days we were there with you and intend to refer Lahaina Divers to others traveling to Maui. We look forward to seeing you guys again when we visit next.

FYI ? we were on the Dominion all days, and our AWESOME experience was with John, Gwen, Chelsea, Shannon, Rebecca, (buzz cut captain, sorry can?t remember his name) and John?s younger brother Mike (maybe).

These folks went out of their way to make this an unreal experience for us. Thank you. You have divers for life with you.
Arlene Pfeiffer-Jones on 2009-07-20 18:19:56
I just wanted to thank you all again for the absolutely fantastic time my husband and I had with you.

I am a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair. I had never been in the ocean before. My husband is a diver. When Lahaina Divers told me I could snorkel while my husband did a dive I was so excited!

I went out with the dive team and was helped into the water and able to float around snorkeling while everyone did the dive. A large sea turtle surfaced right beside me! It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

I will never forget the kindness Lahaina Divers showed me that day. It has inspired me to learn to dive. Thank you again so much!
Paul Furusho on 2009-07-18 13:39:14
To the entire crew at Lahaina Divers:
Thank you all for providing a wonderful diving experience on my latest trip to Maui.
The crew, the gear, the diving was all first rate. I'm going to return for sure!
Thanks all!
Mark Lahr on 2009-07-13 10:29:33
We were in Maui for a two week vacation that included eight dives with Lahaina Divers. My 13 year old son and I had and have had the best time with the staff at Lahaina Divers that I would not even consider looking anywhere else to do your diving on Maui. Great dives, great people and sandwiches and snacks!! Don't change anything!!
Raj Sinha on 2009-07-06 13:19:11
Last week, I did three 2-tank dives with Lahaina Divers. Two were day dives, and one was a night dive (my wife joined me for the night dive).
I've never been out with such a pleasant and professional group, and am happy to recommend them. The dive shop and boat dock locations were very convenient, the team was professional and yet fun loving. The food was great, and was a pleasant surprise. The boats are large and well maintained.
This is a group that truly cares about the great dive sites and about a first class experience for their customers. Great job, keep up the good work, and we can't wait to dive with you again!!!
Mike Laban on 2009-06-29 22:44:29
Someone asked me why I keep diving with Lahaina Divers. I told them "I am on vacation. I want to dive, have a great time, and not worry about a thing. And Lahaina Divers lets me do that." The operation is professional, safe and always looking out for the guests. But as important to me, everyone there is fun!

Thanks for the great dives last week, and all the great memories!
Holly Miller on 2009-06-24 11:36:28
We did this as a private charter out of Maui for a 1/2 day scuba dive. I'm excited all over again and want to get certified! John was a great instructor; a great combination of calm and easygoing which made me relax and enjoy myself under water. Not easily done for my 2nd time diving in 5 years. 4 Stars only b/c we didn't see any Manta Rays at the first spot. But we did get to see a couple green sea turtles at the second spot which was awesome! I loved getting to see them up close and watch them at the cleaning station. Dolphins followed our boat too. Mahalo again for an enjoyable day!

I also posted my feedback on
Renee Capozzola on 2009-06-23 10:09:19
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Lahaina Divers for such a great experience this past week. Since I have been diving all over Maui for several years, I wanted to dive Molokai this time. Tim and the staff at Lahaina Divers went out of their way to fulfill my wish by setting up a separate charter that wasn't on their regular schedule. Rebecca was a great guide and not only found six hammerheads on the first dive but a whole school of them on the second!

I brought a friend on a Discovery dive two days later and John went out of his way to show my friend all the critters at Mala Wharf to make her dive memorable! The C3 brothers are a remarkable bunch and add to this already fantastic operation! My husband didn't make it out this trip but also really enjoys diving with Lahaina Divers.

I have been diving all over Maui and have been out with almost all the other operators and I have to say that not only is Lahaina Divers by far the best on Maui, it is the best overall dive operation I have encountered anywhere. The entire staff is very professional, their charters are well organized and safe, their boats are the best, and ALL of the crew goes out of their way to make the trips fun and informative. They really have a handle on personalized service and I'm looking forward to coming back again soon!
Jeff and Grant Fegan on 2009-06-14 22:26:13
We had a great time! Thank you!
Nancy and Larry Bowen on 2009-06-08 16:36:20
Thank you for a great time diving with your staff on our dives. We loved every minute of it and everyone was so helpful. Hopefully we can come and visit again in the near future.
Timothy Phillips on 2009-06-01 19:16:32
Akiyo, Rebeca, Terese, Shannon, Dan, Mike, John, Jarett, Tim, Chaz, Les, Ron, Captains Dan, Steve and Elliot,

Did I miss anyone? Surly I did - not a single person at Lahaina Divers doesn't have my deepest gratitude.

It's been just a few weeks since I heard the whale songs welcoming me home and had the pleasure again of sharing my days with you all. I think about 40% of me is still there, on the Dauntless, on the Dominion and the island time that I've come to love so deeply.

Every detail was covered, every need anticipated - how could it not be the most exceptional dive experience? The pictures from C3 Submerged that I brought back mainland side with me are nothing short of AMAZING!

See you all, same time next year!


Timothy Phillips

(Shannon - next year I want to be with you for the tiger shark! :) )
Traci Whitley on 2009-05-27 23:01:04
Greetings, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the most phenomenal dive I have ever done. My husband Chris and I dove with you (at Molokini) this past Saturday. We both agreed that your staff & crew were the most efficient, professional, organized, and prepared crew that we have ever had the pleasure of diving with. After talking about our dives extensively, we could not think of a single thing that we could or would have done differently. Everything was perfect - From the crew (John) giving us a thorough dive prep (and reminders on the safety stop and hand signals); to providing vegetarian options for us (which are often unavailable through other dive shops); to the knowledgeable and friendly boat crew and dive leaders - especially John, Jarrod, Dan, and Elliott; to the unhurried/low-stress, yet efficient way in which you helped divers into the water; to the well-set-up boat. I could not have hoped for a better experience. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable trip. We both agreed that we would be returning soon. We have never had such a positive experience with a dive shop or overall dive. We\'ve been recommending you to our friends since the moment the boat touched back in the harbor. Thank you.
Chuck and Trini Trendle on 2009-05-25 17:15:24
We were there oct/nov 2008 for 2 weeks of great diving. I think we did every charter you have. Of course we had a great time. Thanks to Mike and John for the great video. And thank you to Shannon,Jarret,Elliot and Gwen. I felt like family the whole time. Can't wait ot get back!!
Donna Shelley Lorenzen on 2009-05-18 21:50:08
Did six charters over the past two weeks and had a great time. The entire LD team was very professional and fun. The boats are clean and well maintained. We followed the recommendation fro,m one of our local dive shops in So Cal and all expectations were met.
Jeff Hsu on 2009-05-09 18:48:38
I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome time that my brothers and I had this past week-- getting PADI OW certified, then the Molikini Crater and Lanai dives. You guys have a very well-run operation!
Ziggy Sieczko on 2009-05-05 00:50:46
Just finished 28 dives with you guys and there aren't words to describe how much fun it was. In a place like Maui, where the diving is so good, it's often hard to differentiate between dive operators. In this case it's definitely the dive leaders and the crew that make the difference...they're all in a different league to others. Seeing Hammerheads, Mantas and rare reef fish is always amazing but having great people to share it with and to explain it all makes it that much better...a truly fantastic job, thanks guys, it's you that make Lahaina Divers such a great experience.
Todd Hummel on 2009-04-30 20:49:45
Their is not enough words to commend my gratitude to Lahaiana divers!! All thier staff treated me like famliy. I am only 24 and took this trip by myself not knowing what would come from it. I have been around the world diving from The Great Barrier Reef to Cozumels Wall. I have never experienced the compassion, the fun, and the excitement that Lahaina Divers bestowed on me and the rest of the dive crew. Futher more they are the only charter that has the permits to go to the north side of Molokai for spotting Hammerheads. I saw seven!! No dive plan was unfufilled when diving with them I got to see everything that they said I MIGHT see. Hammerheads,Manta rays, SHARKS AND MORE SHarks. To sum it all up if you Dont go Diving with Lahaina Divers and go for some other Rink e Dink operation. You HAVe NO!! Idea What youd be missing! I will visit you soon again. Thank You!! - Todd
Ashton Hammar on 2009-04-28 12:20:21
Dove with Lahaina Diver's for the first time after a recommendation from my Dive Club. These guys were great, professional, and made the dive extremely enjoyable. The two dive sights were great with 100+ft of visibility. They provided snacks and a lunch and kept the atmosphere very fun. I would totally dive with them again.
Patricia Hendershot on 2009-04-18 01:54:27
I have lost count with how many times that I have gone diving with Lahaina Divers and have introduced several of my friends to them as well every time I come to Maui. I cannot say enough good things about Lahaina Divers and the entire staff. They are professional and take safety seriously. Their staff is professional and makes the whole diving experience fun and relaxing. The boats that they take you out on are nice and comfortable and they take good care of you during your dive trip. I will back in May and will be diving with them yet again. See you soon!
Pamela Pritchett on 2009-04-17 22:28:07
Thanks to everyone at Lahaiana Divers! My husband and I did four days (eight dives) with you and you all were great! We are newbies at diving and had previously only done six dives (including getting our certification). Everyone made us feel comfortable. Thanks to Capt. Dan, Jarrett, Gwen, Rebecca and Tim. We hope to come back to Maui soon, and we will definately dive with you again. Thanks so much.
Lauren Tkachenko on 2009-04-13 01:27:07
My dive was bought as a Christmas gift in December and I could not wait! I had the best time! We went to Molokini and the area is gorgeous! INCREDIBLE! This was my first time snorkeling and I absolutely loved it! I wish I lived in Hawaii. Thank you all so much the crew was great! Hope to see you all soon.
Douglas Coutts on 2009-04-12 17:36:39
This year I am celebrating my 40th year as a diver. Last week I dove with Lahaina Divers on three mornings - six dives in total. I thoroughly enjoyed my dives and was very impressed with the high quality of service that this company delivers at a reasonable price. If you have the chance, be sure to go diving with Gwen and/or John. Gwen and John are great guides, pointing out things that I missed and later explaining specific animal behaviors. This added a lot to my enjoyment. Also, John gave me some underwater photography tips. The net result was that my latest photographs even drew complements from my teen age kids. Can't beat that!
Megan Archer on 2009-04-12 16:32:46
Definitely one of the best dive trips I've been on. Not only was the underwater scenery spectacular, but the dive crew was amazing. Special shout out to Mike, Jarret, Captain Dan, Captain Elliot and Rebecca.

We had a fantastic time and the experience on the water truly made our vacation. Be sure to say hi to "Tony" for us (thanks again for the awesome dive Rebecca!).

Thank you Lahaina Dive Crew! The cookies were awesome.

"Let's Do This!"

Lydon Harrell on 2009-04-03 00:52:18
Great diving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Johnson on 2009-03-31 18:58:33
Thank YOU!

We really enjoyed our dives and everyone of your staff was friendly and helpful. Dan was our guide and was GREAT! He took some great photos and was great at showing us the wonders of each of the dive sites.

The experience of hearing whale song while diving was amazing! 2nd Cathedral was fun and Molokini was beautiful. We hope to return soon to dive with the turtles.

Cindy had her best dives to date and is looking forward to our next trip. I am also happy that my friend Lazlo was able to join us and grateful to Dan for capturing the experience.

Hope to dive with again soon...
Klein Clan on 2009-03-30 19:16:56
We all had a great time!! thanks so much for all the help and fun you provided we hope to see you soon!
Pat Williams on 2009-03-27 14:45:12
Great dives, Great Staff. I had a great time. The video I got of the dive to Molokai was awesome. Great Job. See you next year.
Amy Berg on 2009-03-27 14:21:19
I had a fantastic dive experience. John and the boat captain were very encouraging and patient with me
after not diving for 4 years, and I felt very comfortable in the water. Can't wait to go again soon,
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