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Weiling He on 2010-01-18 21:19:25
The dive at the Cathedral was amazing. Sunlight shines through the top openings of the cavern, like soft spot lights on the stage. Just imagine light blue in dark blue... Nature is the architect.
Brett Natzel on 2010-01-15 23:27:01
I have been diving with this crew every time we go to Maui, which is usually 2 times a year and we have to stay in lahaina so I can dive with these guys, and she gets to shop all day. When we first started going to maui, I tried other places, but this team is top notch, the only thing is next time I want more than 1 cookie.
Jeffrey Baker on 2010-01-05 15:41:48
All six of the dives I did with Lahaina Divers were excellent. They provide more freedom during the dives so you dont feel as if you are being led around, but still make sure that you see all the interesting things hidden in the coral. I will definitely be using them again the future.
JARUWAN TAYLOR on 2010-01-03 22:03:20
Lahaina Divers ROCK! I hadn't been diving in over 6 years. I was nervous, but Rebecca, our guide, was really helpful and patient with me. She was AWESOME. On 12/23/09, we did the Turtle Reef Dive. With her expert vision, she pointed out octopi, moray eels, big sea turtles, and a sleeping white tip reef shark among all the tropical fish and coral. Christmas Eve was even better. We went to Molokini Crater. Jarett Fry took underwater pics for us. He was so cool! He got some really sweet shots of the white tip reef sharks and moray eel. This is a great shop! The front desk person was so sweet. She called Lahaina Stables to make sure that I wasn't going to be horseback riding 2,000 feet above elevation after my dive. How's that for service? You can't beat it! When I go back to Maui, I will definitely use Lahaina Divers again!
Nick Valenteen on 2010-01-02 16:41:41
I have been diving in Maui since 2001, and I have enjoyed the best diving with your operation. For example, doing two back wall dives on the same trip to Molokini was the best. Going to dive sites at Lanai and Molokai sets Lahaina Divers apart from the other operators in Maui. I hope to enjoy your excellent services on 2010! Aloha.
Kay Lightfoot on 2010-01-02 15:00:29
Hi Greg and family, We some friends who are coming to your area and want to dive so I am giving them your name and number. Would love to see ya'll tell everyone hello for me
From all the Lightfoot family.
Christopher Struck on 2009-12-18 13:19:18
Just a note to let you know what a great experience I had diving with you during the week of Thanksgiving 2009, especially the hammerhead sharks off Molokai. We come back to Maui about every other year at that time for our anniversary (we'll probably be on the Big Island next ear...). See you in 2011!
Donna Sieverson on 2009-12-17 18:21:23
Thank you for the FABULOUS time again. this was our 3rd time diving with you and your service of us divers has set the standard for the islands. we always feel like we are diving with old friends, very relaxed and fun. we will definitely be back again. we did every dive with Lahaina Divers. didn't want to go with any 2nd rate companies, we go with the best and that is Lahaina Divers
Renee Freitag on 2009-12-16 01:42:41
Thanks for the awesome diving experience and amazing pictures at Molokini. We are using one of the pictures as our Christmas card this year. Your boat is fabulous. Even though it was a full boat there was still plenty of room to move and get geared up. There was plenty of space for all our wet and dry gear. Your divemasters were friendly and knowledgable. They were patient with everyone and didnt make anyone feel stupid even if they little to no experience.

Your store is also amazing. The staff was helpful and friendly and your prices are fantastic.

Hope to be back to Maui or Lanai to dive with you again sometime. Will definitely recommend you to our Northwest diving friends headed your way.
mike raskin on 2009-12-15 00:33:28
Two fantastic dives off of Lanai, you guys were great, helfpufl, safe, fun. Fantastic day, even stopped to see whales on the way back
Luther McPherson on 2009-12-13 21:37:45
Hi Again Everyone,
After the 1st dive we had sandwiches, chips, and cut up fresh fruit, while the crew out changed out the gear to new tanks. The boat driver took us on a slow leisurely cruise around the crater island and while on the backside of the island crater we were greeted with a grand sight, a Humpback whale surfaced about 25 to 30 yards from us to get a breath of air. Everyone went and got there cameras but of course it never re-surfaced, so we cruised back around to the next dive site at Molokini Crater island, (Aquarium site) and we were again given out dive brief.
We saw lots of fish and they allowed us to pretty much get up close and personal with them. Then we got a real treat a huge field of gardens eels and I got a video that was already sent out and lots of pictures and these were the best ones, then near end I found a real nice nudibranch that you see in the last 2 pictures.
Again after get back on board they had cookies waiting for us to munch on (mmmm good). Then we had a nice ride back to the harbor.
Again the Lahaina Divers are a great outfit and I highly recommend them to anyone who ever comes out here to dive.
The water temps were to me a very comfortable 75 degrees at the deepest point of my dive and I won't say how deep but most can guess pretty good, the temps in the 50 foot depth area is only 76. Again no wet suit for me as everyone knows I have plenty of insulation and I hate wet suits.
spencer tuck on 2009-12-13 19:54:32
did a Sunday charter to Lanai with Lahaina Divers. I was severely disappointed. The AL72's were a surprise, but not a big deal. the crossing was pretty bad, I'm used to rough waters in SD and our local charters would have canceled the trip if they had similar conditions. Both dives were 35 minutes with a Max depth of 60fsw. with a 45 min surface interval. This was mandatory and severely disappointing. i was back on the boat both times with LOTS of air left, and my computer barely registered the dives since we were only at 60' for a short time, most of the dive was well above 60' - which was good since they rushed us back into the water after 45min. Following the DM was also mandatory since they "choreograph" the dives with several groups (for the record i was in the "advanced" group) led by multiple DM's. The DM's rushed us at every turn, even at the surface trying to get us to descend faster. Because of the "choreography" there was very little time to stop and smell the roses. After the first dive, I asked the DM if we could stop chasing her around the reef and she said yes, but the second dive turned out to be cathedrals 2, so in order to see the formations we HAD to follow.

There was a lunch served, but being vegetarian there was nothing except chips to eat. When we asked if there was anything else we were rudely told by the DM that vegetarian food must be requested in advance.

The do have AL100's, but if you want one, you will pay $15 extra per tank on top of your trip cost.

was also surprised by "GET + Fees". added nearly $30 (9%) to the cost of the trip (for 2 divers).
Luther McPherso on 2009-12-12 13:37:24
Had a great 2 tank evening/night boat dive yesterday (Thursday) through
Lahaina Divers, fantastic here at Maui. The first was a late afternoon
dive and we went and saw Manta's and more Manta's at there cleaning
stations, visibility wasn't that great due to recent swell action they had
a couple of days ago. Must have found 6 to 8 of them. We were using 72's
didn't get real deep, 51ft was out deepest, still had 56 minutes bottom
time and still 1100psi left. Not use to the tanks they had and didn't have
enough weight and was having a hard time staying down, especially during
safety stop. My dive buddy had pretty much the same amount of air.

Then they fed us plenty of great sandwiches, lots of fresh cut fruit, a
huge vegatable snack tray with dip, chips.

Then we went back towards the harbor to and area where there was an old
sunken pier, we found two huge turtles one was sleeping and the other one
I guess woke up and I got real up close and personnal with him, lot's red
crabs, a crab, we dubbed it the sponge crab as he had 2 sponges attached
to his back, several eels I had never seen before and of course a lot of
fish. We were only at 30 feet for 63 minutes and still had 1300 left.

Water temperature was a nice 76 degrees, I was the only one wearing usual
swim trunks and t-shirt

Then they had more cut fresh fruit for us and cookies while we did a slow
ride back to the harbor.

There was a total of 10 divers, 1 guide on each dive, and all had 60 dives
or fewer & 2 had just been certified a couple of days before.

Everyone had a great time, and we were cutting up and joking just like we
do with Skip and Jim. Diving with outfit was like diving with MDA and I
highly recommend them as I will be doing an afternoon boat dive with them
on Saturday to turtle reef.
Tim Ernest on 2009-12-12 04:42:58
As an inexperienced diver, Lahaina Divers were great. Staff was very knowledgeable of dive sites, local species, and went out of there way to make sure I had a great experience. I will definately be diving with them as soon as I make it back to Maui.
Juan Lara on 2009-12-11 23:48:45
My brother-in-law and I recently dove Lanai with Lahaina Divers and were completely satisfied. This is the second year diving with this oufit and there is a reason we returned; great people, good dive sites, and reasonable prices! Our guide, Gwen, was very professional and knowledgable of the areas we dove and the sea life we saw. We definately plan on diving with Lahaina Divers next year and would recommend them highly.
Chuck Bokamper on 2009-12-09 06:41:19
Great time, great people. On my first day they made me feel very welcome, on my second day, they made me feel like an old and dear friend. Anyone going to Maui and wanting to go diving, needs to go with Lahaina Divers. Thanks Jarrett, I HAD A BLAST.
Brian Walter on 2009-12-09 00:52:37
My wife and I had a great time in the water and on the boat. Thanks for the humor and history lesson. The turtles were awesome and we were both so glad to see reef sharks. Super cool stuff. Rock on.
George Zhang on 2009-12-09 00:32:35
I dove 4 times on 11/30. With little sleep the night before and rough sea, I was a little seasick to/from Lanai. The captain was very considerate and anchored the boat in a calm little bay in Lanai, which greatly helped me to recover. I was quite impressed by the clear water at Lanai. My favorite dive was the wreck dive at Carthaginian. Although not seeing many sealives, seeing many divers floating around a big ship was something surreal. Gwen was quite helpful. She fixed a leaky button for me and also reminded me to go up when I almost used up my air by following an eagle ray around. I will certanly come back to Lahaina Divers when I come to Maui next time.
Rodger Dent on 2009-12-08 17:21:31
Lahaina Divers remains one of the best run operations on the island! I contiue to enjoy the trips. Excellent time at Moloki this trip, saw several hammer heads! Keep up the good work!
Lynda Durfee on 2009-12-08 11:31:22
I had a great week diving Nov 1-6: 3 trips to Lanai, Molokai, Molokini backwall, Carthaginian wreck, Mala pier. I really appreciated being able to dive my computer and not be limited to a fixed time; I was the last one up on most every dive! The crew was helpful and friendly, the ride comfortable, food great. Being able to rinse my gear back at the shop and store my dive bag was a real plus! I'm looking forward to my next trip to Maui in Dec. 2010. Hope to see whales!
Darla Brunner on 2009-12-04 13:21:54
Having been certified by Greg 20+ years ago, we were happy to hear Greg is now the owner and when we could not locate our diving certificate, Ron at Lahaina Divers was more than helpful on the phone before we left L.A., pulling up our certificate on line from PADI and providing other up-to-date info since we have not dived in many years. This early service cinched the deal that we would take our first dives though that shop. But, after the 1st dive trip, we found Mike, Dan, and the others in the crew so entertaining - and helpful - that we decided there would be no need to try another dive shop. YOU GUYS ARE A GAS! THANKS FOR A TRULY MEMORABLE VACATION, EVEN BETTER FOR YOUR REFERRAL TO MAUI DIGITAL IMAGING FOR THE PRINTS! Can't wait for Mokini next time....XO,d
Bryan Curtis on 2009-11-30 18:32:03
My fiance and I went to Molokini crater with Lahaina divers and had the most amazing dive experience you could ever ask for. The staff and the boats were second to none, not to mention the amazing diving.

Thanks for making the trip so enjoyable. We will be back in April and will dive with you again. We will also be telling all of our Northwest friends that Lahaina divers is the only place to go for all of their diving needs while in maui.
Jamie Watts on 2009-11-18 09:27:37
2 weeks ago I returned to Lahaina, this time- for my 33rd Birthday. I dove with Lahaina divers a month prior (September '09) and the elated feeling echoed though my bones for an entire month until I returned. Lahaina Divers is a Superior dive team that leaves you feeling like you floated through your whole experience. We opted to buy the photos- the one in this profile was actually taken by a dive team member. Now my family can see what and why I enjoy returning to Lahaina. Molokini Crater has astonishing visibility - arguably better than parts of Belize and Thailand. Thank you for a great birthday dive and yummy vegetarian sandwich and endless chocolate chip cookies!
Dawn Herlache on 2009-11-11 22:19:18
Thank you for an awesome week of diving. Everyone from the dive shop was so great. A BIG thank you to Dan, Mike and Rebecca for making our week fabulous. It was a great first experience for my niece, Hailey. Thank you! See you next time. By the way, I loved the shot gun! :-)
Lori, Karen and Donna Sherrill on 2009-11-06 14:32:46
Thanks for the great dives. We saw it all and with Rebecca and 3Cs Mike we finally saw our Mantas in the wild! You always take great care of us and that is why we come back and dive with you each year.
katina salas on 2009-11-05 23:40:38
Thanks for the incredible experience!!!!!
Robin Smith on 2009-11-05 21:06:21
What a great day of Diving!! Next time I'll be sure to spend more days with you guys. Here is a nice photo of one of the coolest encounters I have had.
Rory Starks on 2009-10-26 21:38:44
Thanks to everyone at Lahaina Divers! I especially enjoyed the diving at Molokini Crater. Saw two black tip reef sharks at Shark Condos and plenty of fish at Aquarium. Special thanks to Gwen and Chris for helping me when my stomach wasn't cooperating with my intentions to dive! This is the second time diving with Lahaina Divers and will dive with you and your crew again. Thanks to all of you!!!
Lin Dysinger on 2009-10-25 19:18:45
All of you really ROCK!! Happy Fishes to all!!
Robert Cardiff on 2009-10-23 01:14:35
My son in law and I booked the Carthaginian and could not have been happier with the dive.
The bonus was the second dive at Mala pier.
You guy have a handle on how to run a dive operation! We both will recommend your company at every opportunity.
Mark Whitaker on 2009-10-22 15:36:22
Many thanks for the great time we had diving and snorkeling. We've done dive trips with 'ya in the past, and have always had a fun time with your staff. You're the best! Special thanks to Ron for helping my brother Tim (pictured, at Molokini Crater) with his open water certification. See what you've done . . . Tim is totally hooked on diving now, and is hounding us to go on another dive trip! Also, special thanks to Tim M. for showing your entire operation during Mark's Nitrox certification. Hope to see 'ya guys again soon!!

The Whitakers
Roger Hornbeck on 2009-10-22 13:44:11
Thank you so much for a delightful experience. Your staff was well informed, helpful and fun. You took care of every detail. I will dive with you when i am in Maui the next time.
Jonathan Avila on 2009-10-22 13:31:32
I dove the back wall with you folks and had a great time, however, my appreciation came two days later when I discovered that I had left my flashlight on the boat. When I called the store they informed me that they had it waiting to be picked up. That really made me appreciate your operation and the people that work for Lahaina Divers. Integrity and Honesty. It does not get any better than that! Lahaina Divers is MY dive company of choice forever! Thank You so much. Needless to say I will be back January 2010.
Richard McIlveen on 2009-10-22 13:26:21
I had a great couple of dives with these at Molokai... The ride over there alone is worth the price of admission, that is if you enjoy riding the waves! And hammerheads galore!
lisa latoni on 2009-10-22 12:27:04
It was our first time diving in Maui and we loved it! The dive crew were great. Everyone was helpful and friendly. The divemasters helped us see some great stuff that we might have missed on our own. The swim throughs and caves at the Catherals were well explained on the boat to help add to our enjoyment under the water. We will definitely dive with you again on our next trip to Maui. Thanks for a great time.
Lisa and Andy
Glen Davis on 2009-10-20 10:57:37
Great operation. Before we left, I called the shop and inquired. In minutes, Ron called back and we had lots of info. We were initially apprehensive because 8:1 seemed like a big ration, but the dives were great. We had a wonderful time and happily recommend Lahaina Divers to everyone. You will not be disappointed!
Bob & Julie Chapko on 2009-10-16 15:39:27
As always, Bob & I had an exceptional time diving with Lahaina Diver's. We love you guys & refer everyone we know that scuba dives to your shop. It is OUTSTANDING!
Wayne Hainsworth on 2009-10-15 18:07:28
This is my typical dive site in the PNW. Gotta' love Hawaii :-)

Missed Lahaina this Spring. Buddy talked me into trying Kona -- & it was good -- but NOT what I'm used to in Maui (dive sites & operator).

See you guys in February '10. Looking to dive with the whales & finally getting to Molokai.

Best Regards to the best dive outfit anywhere in the Islands (I've tried 4 of them).

Aleisha Scott on 2009-10-15 17:44:21
Hey my Lahaina's been WAYYYY too long since we've seen your smiling faces, so the gals are coming back out! Aleeetzia, Patreeeezia and Meleeeeezia will be back first week in March - let's go play with the Willy's! John, Dan and vacations that week - let's go diving!
Courtney Morrow on 2009-10-15 07:41:33
We had an absolute blast. Mala wharf was a very cool dive and the Lanai Cathedrals was amazing! Definately hit Lanai again. Staff is great and they take amazing underwater photos so make sure you ask them to snap some of you. Molokini was a pleasant surprise and the vis was well over 100 feet. We could see clouds passing by at 60 feet deep! Thanks again for the great vacation. :)
Aileen Cochran on 2009-10-12 00:07:43
We had a great time diving with you guys. We returned as customers because of the great service the last time. My son in law was with us and this was his first dive after certification - he had a great time. The crew was great as well as Terese at the shop. She called us when you put in an extra dive trip because she knew it would fit our schedule better. Thanks, Terese and the rest of the team.
Brian Dugan on 2009-10-09 17:20:36
I would just like to take a minute to say thanks to everyone,Everybody from beginning to end were fabulous!! So if you are trying to find a dive shop in Maui look no further. I did the Lani and the Molokai (hammerhead dive)and it was HAMMER-TIME we saw about 60 hammer heads and even if we would not have seen any it would have been a great dive. See you next year and again thank you!!!
Lyne LeBlanc on 2009-10-08 07:50:02
We had a wonderful time on all our dives with the amazing crew; Gwen, John, Dan and Rebbecca. Great service at the dive shop as well. Hope to go diving with you again soon.
Steven Clark on 2009-09-29 15:30:13
Thanks guys, I had a great time. Particularly on the night dive, great fun and really chilled, shame the mantas didn't come out to play. See you next time I'm in Maui.

Socrates and Ramona Gonis on 2009-09-21 10:46:30
We would like to thank you and your staff for a great time diving this past week, every year we come to Maui to dive, and it's with your store, we have never been disappointed on any of the dives we charter with you. Special thanks to John, Mike, Dan, Gwen, Shannon and both captains, Elliot and Dan for the professionalism and courtesy. Akiyo, Tim, and Ron, thanks for treating us great, your operation is one of the best, and I recommend it to divers as well as student referrals because of the talent and fun, see you next year, Mahalo Soc and Mo.
Shari Price on 2009-09-14 09:38:45
Thanks so much to everyone at Lahaina Divers for (once again) making our diving experience unforgettable. Special thanks to John, Mike and Dan for everything and especially the photograph. I love it; Captain Elliot 'the Rocker', Captain Steve and Captain Dan; and to Shannon who is always graciously there to help us on and off the dive boats! It's like being with family when we're fortunate enough to dive in Maui. Who knew the dive crew were so talented! We had a blast listening to the band! The hammerhead sharks were amazing as one never expects to actually chase after a hammerhead! And, we loved Molokini's Aquarium and Back Wall. We're still patiently waiting to see a Whale Shark so we'll back ? or that's the excuse anyway! Aloha and Maholo everyone! ~ Shari and William Price
Robert Brehm on 2009-09-12 20:19:17
Anyone remotely thinking of diving Hawaii has got to book a trip with the crew at Lahaiana Diver's. All time!! Thank you to all. I'll be back!
Sherman Sim on 2009-09-09 02:13:05
Thanks for the Great experience, Ron, John, Gwen, Rebecca, and the Captain.
Molokai was great! saw 5 Hammerhead sharks and an Eagle Ray today. The Carthaginian and turtle reef was spectacular as well.
also had the chance to dive with a previous dive buddy (Kirk)

Jeff Bulger on 2009-09-08 11:08:06
Thanks to the entire dive staff. Everyone was great. We did the 3 dive package. Everyone was wonderful, the dives were great and very well organized. Special thanks to John for his great photography and always friendly attitude and to Gwen who was so kind in helping my fiancee to make that final night dive.
Jamie Watts on 2009-09-07 16:35:01
A HUUUUGE THANK YOU to all of you at Lahaiana Divers! It was my first time diving the pacific and won't be the last. The dive team was nothing short of professional, organized, passionate, and zealous about diving. Sinking to 120 feet to see white tips at Molokini was jaw dropping and the unexpected encounter with the manta rays will never leave my mind! I has such a great time that I am coming back in November to get my Advanced with Lahaiana Divers! The best diving experience I have had in several years!

Thank you all so much!
Jamie Watts
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