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Moradpour Family on 2010-08-16 20:57:28
We took 2 afternoon trips to Turtle Reef and a morning trip to Lanai. My boys completed their certifications with the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff I have ever encountered. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. You guys collectively exceeded every expectation we had, and then some. From capts Dan and Elliott, to instructors and awesome guides Chris and Dan, only to be outdone by the most agile and capable guide and underwater photographer we met, Rebecca... Every dive just kept getting better. On land, it was an equally fantastic customer service! Added bonus: Free comedy acts, and food. Keep it up gang.
Michael Folise on 2010-08-15 13:27:25
Molokini never gets old, always something new to see, lots of endemics. Don't forget your camera!

Thanks Rebecca.
Max F on 2010-08-06 15:33:19
On behalf of Max and Clay, thank you for the great dives last Tuesday at Molokai.

The crew was great and we enjoyed Chris as our Divemaster. (he still gets excited seeing Hammerheads)

Next time we're in Maui, we would like to go with you to dive the back wall of the crater.

Otis & Kathie Calhoun on 2010-08-05 21:57:17
We had such a wonderful time on our dives!! Capt. Dan and Capt. Jarrett were awesome as well as Chris and Rebecca - very informative and fun!! Thanks to John for our wonderful DVD from our Molokini dive!! We will definetly be back!!!
Lora Cross on 2010-08-01 16:49:52
I had 3 days of great diving with Lahaina Divers and they took good care of me. They were very proffesional and made it a great trip. Good cookies too!
Mike Fitzner on 2010-08-01 14:22:49
4 great dives (no name rock, Carth, Mala Pier, Cathedral I), friendly staff, good equipment, overall great experience.
I can definitely recommend Lahaina Divers!
Kevin McNamara on 2010-07-31 23:37:42
Cathedrals was as awesome and it should be, and Chris (from Ventura) was an excellent guide! Also enjoyed the tubes and tunnels, he made diving fun again! THANKS!!!
Charles Dahl on 2010-07-28 16:00:15
Lahaina divers was a pleasure to dive with, they provided the best dive locations. Captain Elliott was quite a character and the supporting cast was great too. I look forward to coming back next year.
Susan D on 2010-07-26 14:19:37
Safest divers in Maui! I felt my sons were safe and well prepared for the night dive and Discovery dive. We will be back. You have a wonderful and experienced group teaching. Mahalo!
Kevin Montgomery on 2010-07-25 15:45:21
Captain Dan and his team provided a excellent and professional atmosphere on our dives. Very friendly and relaxed. Made the diving and snorkeling (Wife) and enjoyable trip. We will be back and will highly recommend Lahaina divers.

Kristin Taylor on 2010-07-15 19:01:01
Thanks for making my first ocean dives a great experience!! I loved each and every one of the eight dives we did with you and can't wait to come back! All of the staff was so helpful and professional... I would recommend you to anyone!! Thanks again for an awesome time!
Leyla Wydler on 2010-07-14 07:24:06
We had a great time in Maui and lahaina divers was part of it!
William and Leyla Wydler !
Sally Zarcone on 2010-07-06 19:24:25
Very professional and well trained instructors! Great briefing before the dive and very knowledgeable about the conditions and marine life. I would definitely dive with them again!
Lenny Gray on 2010-07-06 17:37:33
Took my first 4 dives as a certified diver with Lahaina Divers and had a great experience! The staff was knowledgeable and helpful.
I plan on using them again when I'm back in Maui!
Kevin Leman on 2010-06-30 13:58:11
We had a great time completing our Open Water certification and diving. Jenna is a gem!!! She was a lot of fun, patient, and sharp! The facilities had all we needed, and the crew was very helpful. Combine that with beautiful warm water, cool fish, turtles, and sharks, and what else could you ask for?!?
Austin Rasbach on 2010-06-29 15:13:39
Dive site was Mokuho'oniki Rock. Had a great time. The staff was informative and professional. I have been out with dozens of Hawaiii dive companies and Lahaina Divers has the best to offer.
Tom Gire on 2010-06-28 19:11:24
We had a great time! Lahaina runs a first class operation with great gear, great boats, and most importantly, GREAT PEOPLE! Can't wait to go back and dive again!
Deborah & Greg Baird on 2010-06-23 10:32:38
Diving with Lahaina April 30th through May 3rd was the highlight of our Maui trip...great fun underwater and topside service was awesome; caring and helpful but never overbearing or rushed-you are all in the right profession! Warm mahalo to Jarrett, Cpt. Dan, Elliot, Chris, Todd ('Jeff'),and especially Chelsea who was with us everday. Ron and Tim were a great help at the shop. I know I am forgetting one or 2 people that helped...sorry. Thank you, thank you!
Robert . on 2010-06-21 20:58:42
Mahalo to all at Lahaina Divers for an excellent diving experience
Doug S on 2010-06-21 17:25:14
Great time as usual. Staff very accommodating and professional. Mala Pier was going off with wildlife. My son enjoyed the course and is hooked. Thanks again.
Sarah Eddy on 2010-06-21 15:55:05
Cliff and I had a great time. We were craving some good dives and you delivered! The crew was really knowlagable and good about finding us some interesting creatures to look at. I had trouble with my ear and Chris was patient and gave eductaed advice that ensured I had a fun and safe diving experience. The equipment was in great shape and well maintained. Loved the sharks and Turtles. Thanks!
Alan C on 2010-06-21 15:50:22
Excellent time had by all (Alan and Emily Craig and Mike Lee). I will always remember the "Cathedral" formation....very spectacular. We hope to be back someday. Special thanks to Capt's Dan and Jarret, Rebecca, Rob, Jonathan and the rest of the friendly staff. Super Maui Sampler!
Stacie Rosentreter on 2010-06-21 15:09:47
Thanks so much to everyone at Lahaina Divers! Everyone was so helpful when I was nervous for my first warm water dive - after that - no nerves just EXCITEMENT. Chelsea thanks so much for all your great photos ... Elliot and Jarret and Rob and Rebecca for the support and laughs - best trip of my life.. and all the people in the shop that helped with booking and gear - you're all fantastic. I'll be back! Hopefully for good
Jeff Robertson on 2010-06-19 12:38:28
Mahalo to all at Lahaina Divers for helping to make the diving in Maui an excellent experience. Captains Steve and Jarret; new captains Ron R. and Rebecca; and other staff Gwen, Ron G., Dan F. and Chelsea for your great attitude and helpfulness. As my friend Doc Vikingo likes to say, "Stay Golden" and we'll see you again soon. Aloha.
Phil Stepp on 2010-06-08 22:16:21
Happy,Happy, Water was wet, Air was good.One of the best dives I have been on in 50 plus dive trips. Wonderful staff. Will do you guys again. For sure. Cool. From a 69 year diver.
Buddy, Cathy and Evan Richter on 2010-06-07 14:52:15
We went with you May 28th for the first time. Captain Dan was over the boat and our Dive Master was Dan. We went to First Catheral and No Name Paradise at Lania. This was our true first time in salt water as I have always dived in freshwater. The whole expedition was to have fun! We will be back in 2011 (already booked at the Condo). We will book at least 3 dives with you only next year. There is so much more to see. Thank you Lahania Divers for such a great experience and will see you next year!!!
Brendan O'Meara on 2010-06-03 21:19:28
Lahaina Divers is the best!! I've gone out with them three times now. They are head and shoulders above other outfits I've tried. Very professional, and they always deliver the goods -- great dives with lots to see. Rebecca rocks!! Be sure to dive with her and get lots of great underwater pics.
matthew stanley on 2010-06-02 18:41:57
This was truely the best dive crew i've ever been with. You guys were awesome. And the dive sites were amazing. I've been trying to dive with hammerheads for years and you guys gav me the best experience. Thank you again.
Tommy Leslie on 2010-06-02 14:27:06
Thanks for the great dives. Getting out on the Molokini Crater was incredible. Your customer service is amazing. Although it was nearly a full boat, everything went incredibly smooth. We were never rushed or felt like it wasn't all about the dive and having a great time. I would highly recommend you to anyone.
Diana and Eric Drobney on 2010-06-01 19:11:23
Thanks so much everyone!! You have made our Maui experience complete again. 5 years of diving with you and it's always the best. My husband and I have been in the customer service industry for over 40 years between the 2 of us and you guys always top our expectations!! Thanks again and hope to see you again next year!
The Drobney's
Brad Funston on 2010-05-24 20:41:31
Thanks for the great time! Don't know what else would have made our dives any better. Saw lots of critters on every dive. Thanks to everyone, Cap't Dan, Elliott, Ron, Todd, Rebecca, Little Dan (great Manta dance, it worked!), Rebecca, Chelsea, Jarrett, Steve, Chris and anybody else that I might have missed. Ya'll do an outstanding job. We'll be back!
Theresa deGroot on 2010-05-21 19:16:30
We went diving with you on May 5 in the afternoon and just wanted to let you know that it was great! We had to rush off when we got back to the dock so we did not have much time to say how great the diving was. We have been diving in over a dozen countries and some pretty wonderful places so sometimes we can be hard to please, but both my husband and I were very impressed. The staff were helpful, funny and professional, the shop was impressive, the boat was comfortable and there was a lot to see with a variety of fishes and other life on the dives. All in all, I enjoyed it and would dive again with you if we were to ever return. I would also recommend you to anyone I know traveling to Lahaina.
Thanks again for 2 beautiful dives.
Mike Cooling on 2010-05-18 13:58:54
I wrapped up my 6th Maui trip diving May 2 thru May 6. This makes about 54 dives with Lahaina Divers and every trip has been awesome. It was great seeing the many staff I have made friends with again. The boats are large and the crews are fantastic, providing wonderful briefings and keeping everyone safe. And I can't forget to mention the great folks I dove with (including the 2 Jim's below :-) I didn't lose my camera to Molokai, but an excuse to upgrade is nice. Some pics here:
Mahalo! -- Mike
ROBIN BOHL on 2010-05-18 13:34:42

Karen Schofield on 2010-05-17 18:33:15
I had a great time while diving with Lahaina Divers. I loved the Maui pier since I swam with a Green Sea Turtle for about 10 minutes. I got a shot of an Eagle Ray at Manta Point, and got in close to a Hammerhead at the Lanai dive spot.
I dove 3 days and was happy with the whole crew. Thank you so much!

Karen Schofield, R.N.

Master Scuba Diver
Underwater Photographer
Jim Moore on 2010-05-16 21:21:11
This is the other Jim who lost his Canon G10 by Elephant Rock. Hey, the up side is I am looking to replace it with a Canon T2i with Ikelite housing so it's all good. Speaking of good, I live in Kona and do a lot of diving here. I have to give Lahaina Divers two thumbs up for their service, concerned but not overbearing attitude as dive guides and I will for sure dive with them next time I head over to Maui. Thanks to all the staff members, DM's, Captains, Office Crew for a great 5 days of diving. Now will someone get out there on the Hammerhead dive and find my camera please? Mahalo to you all. JM
Jim moser on 2010-05-15 21:04:58
My diving was May 3 thru May 7. 10 dives. I will never forget the trip over to Molokai and the dive we did there. I DID get to video some Hammerhead sharks. The other Jim took some still photos of the hammerheads but we will never see them since his camera is on the bottom of the ocean near Elephant Rock. The Crew on every boat was fantastic. A special thanks to Chris for his dive master ability. thank you to Rebecca and Chelse. Next time maybe there will be enough divers to have the twilight/night dive. Mine was cancelled. :(
The staff at the shop were absolutely great. Courteous and helpful. I will recommend Lahaina Divers to anyone I know that will be diving in Maui.
Justin Smith on 2010-05-14 22:41:44
5 Days, 10 Dives, 3 Islands, Pretty awesome. Cheers to the captains and crew, You were great. Only thing that would have been better, super hero wetsuits and hot showers.
Thanks Guys and chelsea.
Matt Gordon on 2010-05-12 16:27:57
Thanks to all the staff and crew at LD, you helped make my Maui vacation incredible. I can not wait to come back and dive the Cathedrals again with you all. Keep up the great work, I will be sending everyone I know to you guys!
Carlo Mendoza on 2010-05-11 18:36:31
My wife and I had a great time diving at Molokai last May 4. Lahaina Dive Master's Steve and Chris, I forget the names of the boat captain and the lady assistant, all took care of us very well. The boat facilities and service were excellent.
Will definitely do more dives with Lahaina Diver's on our future visits.
Lance Dore on 2010-05-10 21:03:01
I was encouraged by your great dive masters to leave input. And so I shall.

Professional and quality experience. I would recommend to anyone. The location in Lahaian is ideal to the town and boat launch. The boat is clean and well equipped. The diver masters are very knowledgeable and helpful.

What more could you ask? Not much at all. But I was highly coached to make sure there are warm showers on the boat. Keep the chocolate cookies comming. Nicely done! i will be back.
Jim Woodworth on 2010-05-08 17:01:42
Thanks for going out of your way, and making phone calls to set up a special "Sunday" dive trip to Mokuho'onki rock @ Molokai for me, being that I was flying out on day of your next scheduled Tuesday trip over to Molokai. It was an excellent dive with hammer heads, spinner dolphins, barracuda and large Manta ray seen and all photographed during my two tank drift dives. Lahaina Divers staff and crew were very professorial and helpful during my visit. Both boats were clean, well maintained and the food on board was first class. Thanks again for a very enjoyable and memorable dive trip.
Dennis, Sean & Erik Saffell on 2010-05-04 20:22:25
Our 5th year of diving with LD. The best boats, the best and safest Dive Masters, great service. We had dove all over the world, in Maui it's Lahaina Divers!
Dion Nelson on 2010-05-04 13:34:16
This is my second trip in two years to Maui and I dove with Lahaina Divers on both trips. These guys are by far the most professional dive shop I've worked with on Maui. I just did a 2 tank dive with hammerheads on Molokai. It was amazing. I had a great experience. Dan was the guide and it was Steve's (the boat capatain) birthday. Happy 20th! =)
Nick Phelps on 2010-05-04 04:55:49
Lahaina Divers is a FIRST CLASS dive operation. Their boat crews and dive masters are all A+. I dove 5 days on Maui (day and night), Molokai, Molokini back side, and Lanai. Hammerheads, mantas, and wonderful nudibranchs at depth with Pacific humpbacks on the surface. Their boats were less than half full. Nitrox mix was accurate. You'll see me again on my next trip to Maui.
Jim Bourquin on 2010-05-04 01:09:19
Sorry to both crews for not filling out the customer comment cards because you were all great!! I did a 2 tank boat night dive 4/22 all young guys as the crew but super knowledgeable and fun. Made it a fabulous experience. 4/23 I did the 4 tank boat dive to Lanai crew of 3 Chelsy(?)again all of them were superb. I had a great day all my dives were fun and the crew went out of their way to make sure all of us were safe, happy and seeing lots of fun stuff. While diving in Maui I dove with 5 different shops and I think this was absolutely the best. I also purchased dive equipment from 3 dive shops most of it from you. Tim taught me more about equipment and what my needs were than any other shop and when you were out of product made sure I knew where to go for it. This was my first time on Maui but now it will be a yearly visit and you will be my shop of choice. Thank you for having great store help and incredible dive crews.
Chris L on 2010-04-30 14:07:59
I had a great time as usual with Lahaina Diver.! You have fantastic staff there and the boats are excellent as well. Chelsea, Rebecca, Tod and Dan were great! Ron was also very helpful booking the trips and for local info. They all deserve big kudos for sure! I will be back again! Keep up the great work as I always recommend your operation to my friends.

dean mcclure on 2010-04-30 00:46:54
I spent almost two weeks diving with LD from the beach in classes, from the boats, and purchased a lot of gear from the shop....I absolutely enjoyed working with the entire crew and recommend them as the only dive organization on Maui to explore the ocean with... they know the reefs, the sea creatures, the safety procedures-for diving, for boat use, for everything. Almost every employee is an instructor...whether they are actively working as one, selling you a snorkle, driving your boat, tying up your boat, or leading your dive tour....that's a good feeling- to know you can always count on being surrounded by experience and knowledge!
Dale Sheldon on 2010-04-28 22:35:39
Over the years I have dived with many dive operations in many locations. The Lahaina Divers operation is first class with excellent boats, very personable and knowledgeable crew and store staff. The way the divers were treated, including on board food, was more than I have experienced with many dive charters. Chelsea, Steven and the other dive masters I dove with were a pleasure. The next time I am in Maui I won't hesitate to dive with Lahaina Divers again.
Paul Maro on 2010-04-27 14:38:03
Thank you so much for the incredible dive. I really enjoyed your expert dive team. They were very informative and I felt very comfortable diving with them. Cathedrals is an incredible spot! I will definitely recommend you and your team to others! Looking forward to diving with you again on our next visit!
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