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Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major

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Depth: 40 to 50 feet
Visibility: 100+
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

This site is comprised of three parallel lava ridges running
perpendicular to the shoreline with a sand channel to the West. 

The tops of the ridges range from 15’ to 30’ and the canyon areas from 40’ to 50’ in

The canyons between the ridges have varied features such as arches,
swim through, caves, ledges, and pukas. 

The center lava finger features two narrow swim through, and all three ridges have extensive hiding places providing varied habitats for the many species of marine life.  Following the downward sloping finger and lobe corals the water on three sides of Sergeant Major can reach depths of more than 50’.

This is one of the most diverse and productive sites. 

Please note that sometimes the current can pick up here on occasion.


MARINE LIFE: The sergeant major, Hawaiian and Indo Pacific varieties, goat fish,
butterfly fish, wrasses, and many types of Moray Eels.  Also
divers can find all three species of Hawaiian lobster, pipefish, octopus, and
nudibranchs.  Larger pelagics such as jacks, or ulua,
spinner dolphins, rays, and occasionally, sharks can also be seen.