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Scuba Dive Maui and Moonlit Lanai: Night Scuba Diving

Twilight/Night dive includes Primary dive light.

Scheduled every Thursday evening – Check-in and return times will vary by season and site.

 A one of the dive sites we typically use for the twilight portion of the charter is the Carthaginian and then to Mala Pier, the primary night dive site, hook up the boat and have sandwiches, chips & fruit while we enjoy a Maui sunset on the water. 

 Once the sun slips below the horizon we gear up and go dive!

 The Carthaginian sits on a sandy bottom at 97 foot depth and provides a fascinating dive site offering a unique opportunity to explore a sunken ship.  She has attracted a diverse collection of underwater marine life and coral in the relatively short time(a little over 5 years now) she has been on the sea floor.  As the light begins to fade, the old ship takes on an eerie sense of it's past regality. The mast and other interesting aspects of the sunken ship have accumulated many of the rare marine life that grows here in Maui.

 If the weather co-operates, our primary night dive site will be at the wreck of Mala Pier where, underwater, you'll swim amongst the wreck of a pier taken down during hurricane Iniki in 1992.  It has some of the best night dwelling sea life in the area including cone shells, conger eels, slipper lobster, squid, Turkey fish, Menpache, Hermit crabs, Sponge crabs, Spanish Dancer nudibranch as well as Parrotfish sleeping in their mucus cocoon. 

Back to Cathedral Moonlit Night Dive on Thursdays!

We have scheduled Lanai Moonlit Night Dive on June 12th, July 10th, August 7th, September 4th, October 2nd, and November 6th 2014.

*Moon-light Lanai night dive (2 tank) will not be run during the Humpback Whale season! Days and times will vary throughout the year but we are going to be targeting the Cathedrals as a night dive with the moon high in the sky on a Thursday night before the full moon.

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