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PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

Hallmarks of a good diver are the ability to glide through the water with the grace and ease of a manta, hover for comfortable and accurate safety stops, all the while never making contact with the fragile reef environment. If this sounds like you then congratulations! …... If not, Peak Performance Buoyancy is for you!!

The Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty will polish your buoyancy control beyond the Open Water Diver level. Buoyancy training enhances your diving abilities through knowledge development and practical skills practice. Fine tuning your neutral buoyancy skills benefits you by: conserving your air for more bottom time, saving energy, keeping visibility good which allows for better photos and videos, preventing damage to your dive equipment, and most importantly protecting sensitive aquatic environments. You will learn and practice the PPB fundamentals of 1. Buoyancy checking 2. Fine-tuning buoyancy underwater. 3. Weight positioning and distribution. 4. Streamlining. 5. Visualization techniques!


  • $179 plus tax
  • Private available for additional fee
  • Additional charges: The price of boat charters


  • Open Water/ Jr. Open Water Diver
  • Minimum age 12 Y/O


  • Student Materials: PADI PPB (Read Manual & View Video), Logbook, 2 passport size photos
  • Student Equipment: BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Timing Device, Knife, Compass


  • 1 Day - 2 Dives


  • 15% off Student Gear purchase during and 14 days after the class
  • $20 off on Boat Charters for training
  • 10% off Life time Alumni discount on Boat Charters after the class

Class Schedule:


  • Complete PADI Student Record Folder, Medical Statement & Questionnaire ("YES" on your medical form will require you to get a signed medical release from a physician prior to class), Statement of Understanding, and Liability Release.

Read BEFORE Class:

  • Read PPB manual and review
  • Complete Knowledge Reviews for review with Instructor

Day 1:

  • Discuss Knowledge Reviews with Instructor
  • Do 2 PPB Dives with Instructor
  • Debrief, log dives, complete paperwork

Terms and Conditions:

  • Charters include: Use of tanks and weight belts. Rental wetsuits, BCs, a snorkel set and regulators available for $9.00 per item, per charter, unless otherwise specified. Dive computers are available for $15 per item, per charter.
  • Advanced Diving Education and Specialty Course prices do not include the price of charters.
  • Non-diving passengers and snorkelers may accompany certified divers for $79 on morning or afternoon charters. Children between 6 and 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Multi-dive discounts applied for reserving directly with Lahaina Divers and paying in advance.
  • Cancellations within 48 hrs. of charter check-in time are non-refundable.
  • Pricing does not include 10.166% Tax & Fees.
  • Specialty classes require at least Open Water Certification to participate.
  • Specialty pricing includes tanks, weights, instruction and certification card. Instructional materials and rental equipment, if required, are not included in the course cost.
  • Lahaina Divers reserves the right to change prices and schedules without prior notification.
  • Students need to stop by Lahaina Divers store prior to class start time to fill out student folders, medical forms (medical clearance by a physician may be necessary), and arrange for payment.