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Molokini Scuba Diving with Lahaina Divers

molokini map Scuba dive world-famous Molokini Crater.

Molokini Crater has been a Marine Preserve(MLCD) since the summer of 1977 and features one of the most pristine hard coral reefs in Hawaii.  You'll encounter hundreds of tropical fish, graceful rays. Octopi, moray eels and white tip reef sharks. Along the slopes of this submerged volcanic cinder cone, divers can experience the best visibility in the entire state - frequently exceeding 100 feet or more. Lahaina Divers offers two-tank dive trips to Molokini, for certified divers, several times each week. If you are diving multiple days, a trip to Molokini should be part of your itinerary. Charter operates Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Dive the Molokini Backwall.

An advanced dive, the Molokini Wall is a World Class Wall and Drift dive for certified divers only. The Wall is approximately 360ft in depth, however divers will level off at 80ft or less. You may see white tip, black tip, and/or gray reef sharks; manta rays, dolphins, and schooling fish. This is a very exciting dive for the sheer, vertical wall and blue water. Divers should have recent diving experience, good buoyancy control, and be good on air consumption. This dive site is not suitable for snorkelers. This dive requires each divers to carry a dive computer and a safety marker sausage. Charter operates Wednesday.

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