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Maui Beach Diving

Maui Beach MapWest Maui has a number of dive and snorkel sites to offer. Below are links to maps, directions, and advice about these colorful and exciting dive sites. Conveniently located in the heart of Lahaina and the west side of Maui, Lahaina Divers has great deals on rental gear and we can give you the best advice on where to go, as dive conditions can vary greatly from season to season or even day to day.

Directions to the shop can be found here. Click on any of the links below or on the map to the left for more details about individual dive sites. Lahaina Divers is here to make your vacation special. We're more than happy to answer questions or describe the full range of items and services we have available. Just call us. The number is (808) 667 - 7496. Or visit our store - it's open until 8 pm daily.

Remember that Maui's best dive and snorkel sites are not off the beach! That's not to say that Maui's beach sites are not very good -- just that the most spectacular sites for both snorkeling and scuba diving are only accessible by boat. The best way to visit these sites is aboard Lahaina Divers' large, comfortable dive boats. We run a variety of trips every day, both morning and afternoon.

For Your InformationNo single source of information such as this map can adequately warn readers of all the potential hazards they may encounter; be sure to heed all warning signs at any dive or snorkel site.






Honolua Bay
Maui Beach Map 1Honolua Bay

Directions: Take Highway 30 (Honoapi'ilani Highway) north past Kapalua. Look for the small road that dips steeply to your left, 0.7 miles past mile marker 32. Park on Highway 30 unless you have four-wheel drive. The beach is 200 yards down the small roadway.

What You'll Find: Honolua Bay's protected setting can provide calm, clear waters when strong trade winds blow out other nearby spots. Look for excellent coral formations on both sides of the sand channel that runs down the center of the bay.

What to Look Out For: Breaking swells near shore -- and especially, the presence of surfers -- are good indicators that it's a good day to choose another spot. After rain, run-off from Honolua Stream may cause diminished visibility.

Facilities: None



kapalua Bay
Kapalua Bay

Directions: Take Highway 30 north to the main entrance to Kapalua, 0.1 mile past mile marker 30. Turn left and proceed 0.7 miles to Lower Honoapi'ilani Highway. Turn left and continue 0.8 miles until you see a Beach Access sign on your right. Turn right and continue 100 yards to the public parking area.

What You'll Find: The points that extend out to sea at both ends of Kapalua Bay generally provide protected conditions for both snorkeling and scuba. The best diving is near the rocky outcroppings at both ends of the bay.

What to Look Out For: Waves breaking on shore, shallow rocks and strong offshore currents.

Facilities: None



Napili Bay
Napili Bay

Directions: Take Highway 30 north to mile marker 29. Here you will find Napilihau Street and Napili Center. Turn left and proceed 0.2 miles down to Lower Honoapi'ilani Highway. Turn right and continue one-half mile to either Napili Place or Hui Drive - both marked by Beach Access signs. Park along these streets and take their respective walk-ways to the beach.

What You'll Find: Napili Bay is similar to Kapalua Bay and may be a more convenient snorkeling site for those staying in the immediate area.

What to Look Out For: Waves breaking on shore, shallow rocks and strong offshore currents.

Facilities: None



Kahekili Park
Maui Beach Map 2Kahekili Park (Old Airport)

Directions: From Lahaina, take Highway 30 north to the second Kaanapali traffic light, located 0.2 miles north of mile marker 25. Turn left at the light; the park is immediately ahead on your right.

What You'll Find: A beautiful, shallow-water reef just 100 feet out from the park's bath house.

What to Look Out For: Strong winds may generate large waves just off shore.

Kahekili boasts west Maui's best and most modern facilities. You'll find Men's and Ladies' rooms, outdoor showers, covered picnic tables and plenty of paved parking.



Black Rock Point
Black Rock Point

Directions: Take Highway 30 north to the first Kaanapali traffic light, located 0.9 miles north of mile marker 23. Turn left on to Kaanapali Parkway and continue 0.9 to the traffic circle in front of the Sheraton. Continue past the circle to the pay parking lot. Take the hotel's walkways to the protected beach in front of the Sheraton.

What You'll Find: One of Maui's most popular dive and snorkel spots. Navigation is easy as you swim out along the sheer face of Black Rock, then back track to your starting point on the beach.

What to Look Out For: Strong currents may be present along the face of the point. Diving off overhead cliffs into the water is hazardous and foolhardy.

Facilities: Mens' and Ladies' rooms, located on the adjacent hotel property.



Maui Beach Map 3


Directions: Take Highway 30 south from Lahaina, past Olowalu General Store. Park anywhere along the half-mile of beach that stretches on either side of mile marker 14.

What You'll Find: One of Maui's largest and most beautiful coral gardens, starting just off shore and covering over 50 acres. Several large colonies of green sea turtles live among the coral.

What to Look Out For:
Winds blowing through the Olowalu Valley can generate strong surface currents and waves that can carry the unwary out to sea.