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Lanai Scuba Diving with Lahaina Divers

lanai mapSouth coast of Lana'i.

Many divers believe the south coast of Lana'i offers the ultimate in Hawaiian diving. No other destination in Maui County offers the diversity of dive sites Lana'i does. You'll experience unique coral formation, mysterious lava tubes, graceful archways and soaring pinnacles. For sheer drama, nothing beats the sight of light cascading through the multiple openings of lava domes such as First or Second Cathedral.

With over 25 dive sites to choose from, no single trip can begin to scratch the surface of what Lana'i offers divers. Lahaina Divers offers several boat charter trips to Lana'i for certified divers each week. To fully experience everything Lana'i offers we recommend you take advantage of at least two such trips every time you visit Hawaii. Charter operates on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7:00 am.

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