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Hammerhead Sharks Hawaii
Hammerhead Sharks Hawaii
Hammerhead Sharks Hawaii

Hammerhead Diving

Hammerhead Diving
                       Scalloped hammerhead
(Sphyrna lewini)

Dive Sites for the Hammerhead Shark Dive off Molokai

This is our Most Advanced Dive Charter. Please call to see if you are qualified.


Fish Rain

Depth: 70-130 Feet 

Fish Rain is a drift dive in sometimes strong current and choppy seas known for the possibility of seeing some of the large pelagics.  Some time will be spent away from the reef, mid-water, in the blue looking and waiting for the “Feature Presentation”…Scalloped Hammerhead sharks!  In addition, we have seen Galapagos sharks, gray reef sharks, schools of jacks, large barracuda, ahi and dolphins here on our weekly Tuesday and Friday morning trips.  There are reports that at one time or another, Tiger sharks, Hawaiian Monk seals, whale sharks, mahi, Thresher sharks and even the mighty Humpback whale have all been seen at this dive site. Back on the sloping wall reef, a wide variety of very colorful reef fish reside in great abundance.  Don’t forget to go upright in the water column and spin around every once in a while as you are totally surrounded by fish!  They are “raining down on you” hence the name.


Fish Bowl

Depth: 50-90 Feet

When the boat arrives at this dive site they might drop anchor and then take you to your adventure or opt to do this as a drift dive as well. If on anchor, as you cruise away from the boat you will begin to see the marine life pick up. As you cruise the bowl back towards Maui and look out over the edge, you will find huge boulders that are covered with coral, fish and octopus. There are ledges to be found at about 55 feet where a white tip reef shark is often spotted along with Hawaiian day octopus, eagle rays, reef sharks and plentiful colorful reef fish.

Requirements: Due to the advanced nature of diving Molokai, divers should have recent diving experience, good buoyancy control, be able to enter and exit the water, ie: climb the ladder in full scuba gear (except fins) and be good on air consumption. This charter is not suitable for snorkelers. This dive requires each diver to carry a dive computer and a safety marker sausage. Please contact the dive shop for more information.

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