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Dive Turtle Reef with Lahaina Divers

turtle reef turtle Divers know Turtle Reef for its extensive coral gardens running the entire length of Maui from the upper west side to the southern tip of the island. This area is home to a wide variety of marine life and an extensive Green Sea Turtle population. Although Green Sea Turtles are on the endangered species list, in Maui's warm protected waters they have thrived. It is not unusual to observe several turtles on each dive.

Looking for the'll find it at Turtle Reef. Want to see the remnants of Hurricane Iniki that came through Hawaii in 1992? The Turtle Reef dive site known as Mala Pier is just that. Underwater you'll swim amongst the wreck of a pier taken down during the hurricane. Keep your eye out for a family of Frogfish that have taken up residence there. This is also an excellent dive on which to work on your "Hawaiian Eco-Naturalist" dive specialty. Certified divers will appreciate the abundance and variety of marine life, not to mention the short boat ride and long bottom times.

Turtle Reef Dive Map For those interested in trying scuba diving, the Turtle Reef Charter offers Discover Scuba diving. And for those accompanying scuba divers, this is the perfect charter to snorkel while family members or friends are diving.


The Turtle Reef charter is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12:30pm
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