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Carthaginian Scuba Diving

carthaginian dive mauiDiscover Maui's newest dive site featuring the Carthaginian Sailing Ship resting at a depth of 97 feet. Berthed in Lahaina for 23 years until it's sinking on December 13, 2005, her new location provides a fascinating dive site offering a unique opportunity to explore a sunken ship already attracting a diverse collection of underwater marine life and coral. Explore the Carthaginian, and other interesting aspects of the sunken ship diving charter. If you saw her in Lahaina, you should see her underwater!! Our two dive Carthaginian Dive Charter departs each Monday at 12:30 pm and includes a second dive at another site along the West Maui coast. 



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Carthaginian II History

  • The original Carthaginian was built in Sweden, as a replica of an 1840s brig, and was used in the 1966 movie "Hawaii" based on James Michener's novel.
  • The Lahaina Restoration Foundation acquired it and lost it in 1972 when it ran aground leaving for dry-dock on O'ahu.
  • In 1972, the Foundation purchased a German ship christened in 1920 as a two-masted schooner, Carthaginian II. The rigging work was done in Lahaina, using plans researched in England and based on the dimensions of the 1870 brig, Marie Sophie.
  • The Carthaginian II, was a symbol of Lahaina's days as a 19th century whaling port, made up of 80-foot masts, spars, yards, and iron fittings. She was converted from a commercial bulk carrier used in the Baltic, to a Lahaina landmark.
  • Carthaginian II was a fixture in the Lahaina Harbor since 1973, serving as a museum for visitors and locals alike.
  • She was sold to Atlantis in 2003 at which time they joined in a partnership with Lahaina Divers to begin the procedures for clean-up, permits, and safety protocols for the eventual sinking.
  • It took two years to prepare her for sinking to serve as an artificial reef system. During this time, Lahaina Divers assisted by sinking moorings, pushing through permits, stripping the ship of underwater hindrances, and helping to meet Environments Protection Agency requirements and U.S. Coast Guard requirements.
  • She sank in 27 minutes on Tuesday, 13 December 2005 at 12:13 pm.
  • The dive site where Carthaginian II now rests is approximately 97 feet.